Pre-Intake Development Program 2011

VI WAVE Intake


This 6 month program will be replacing the traditional tryout system previously used for the intake selection. 2011 born (*2012 born with TD recommendation) are encouraged to register for a one-time per week on-field session led by the coaching staff of the BCSPL 2011 Intake teams.

At the end of the program, up to 25 players per gender will be selected to be part of the 2011 Intake Group - Spring Season. This is a 3-month program (April to June). At the end of this program, 18 players per gender will be selected to form the 2011 teams (U13 Intake groups) starting mid-August 2023.

Girls – TBD
Boys – TBD


Island Training Centre:  3299 Kettle Creek Crescent.


$475 + Tax (Kit Included)


20 Week Program