Van Isle Wave Player Assessments


1. Assessment Methodology:

In order to identify players who demonstrate exceptional skills and have the potential to contribute to the Van Isle Wave program, we have made some adjustments to our assessment process. In a nutshell, our Technical Leads will work closely with local club Technical Directors to evaluate players interested in joining our program.

At our club, we don’t run tryouts. Instead, we assess players over open assessments held by the club (date to be confirmed). Also, we watch players in their games within their current clubs schedule as highlighted below.

  • Collaboration with Local Club Technical Directors

Our technical leads will actively engage with Technical Directors from local clubs to discuss players who have expressed interest in the Van Isle Wave program. That means the player/family must contact their current TDs to manifest their interest. This collaborative approach ensures that we gain valuable insights from individuals who have closely observed and nurtured players’ development. We believe that this partnership will allow us to make more informed decisions regarding players’ selection.

  • Observation at Tier 2 and Tier 3 Games

To further assess players from various age groups, our technical leads will attend Tier 2 and Tier 3 games throughout the season. By witnessing players in competitive game situations, we can better evaluate their performance and suitability for the Van Isle Wave program. This approach enables us to observe players in real-game scenarios and gauge their potential to thrive in our environment.

2. Communication and Notification:

Following the assessments and evaluations conducted by our Technical Leads and collaboration with Technical Directors, we will contact selected players to discuss their potential inclusion in the Van Isle Wave program.