The BCSPL Wave Program would like to recognize all the clubs on Vancouver Island for their support in developing the players into the BCSPL pathway

Van Isle Wave Program 2022-2023 Deliverables

Cost Of The Program

How much does the BCSPL program cost?

The program fee is $3600 + GST for the 2023-2024 year (August to June).

What is Covered in the Program?*

*Not limited to


*Only for rostered athletes*

Please read both support documents below before registering

For all program-related documents, please visit the FAQ’S & DOCS section

Payment Info

Option 1 - Credit Card

One upfront full fee payment (due at registration) or 10 monthly payments (every 15th day September to May)

Option 2 - Cheque

One upfront full fee payment (due August 15th)

Option 3 - E-Transfer

One upfront full fee payment (due August 15th)

Wave Goalkeeper Development

Mark Village, Head of Goalkeeping, will be spearheading the goalkeeper training for the Van Isle Wave. The former Pacific FC ‘keeper, and current head goalkeeper coach with PFC, will be on the pitch for goalkeeper-specific training sessions and support goalkeepers during team training.

Goalkeepers will train with their team and receive a goalkeeper-specific program from Mark Village on Mondays that will highlight key fundamentals within the goalkeeper position.

Commitment, Family Vacations and Other Sports

Can we still go on vacation as a family?

Of course! The rest of Canada plays through the summer and it does not have an effect on their programs. One of the great benefits of the BCSPL program is the scheduled breaks throughout the season. There is a provision for a large break in December and July.

The December break is traditionally hard on Wave players in their first year because they are used to playing during this time and often their friends at school are still playing. 

The driving factor of BCSPL is to produce a responsible and sustainable player development model in line with the Canadian Soccer Association’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) program. When provincial and national team programming occurs there will not be BCSPL league games scheduled so that selected players are free to attend and team performance does not suffer.

Can I play other sports?

The short and simple answer is yes, however this is not a short and simple matter. For a program to be athlete-centred there needs to be opportunities for rest and recovery.

We are fully supportive of BCSPL players taking part in other sports/clubs. The expectation for a Wave player is to commit to the team’s complete training and game schedule.

Wave coaches will be supportive of athlete’s involvement in other sports to a point. However the Wave program will require that players in the program view the BCSPL teams as their number one priority and must commit to team training plus games.

School soccer is the hardest extra activity to manage and it is important to speak to your team coach about the amount of training you are doing outside of the Wave to help ensure each player can be ready to perform to the best of their ability for their Wave team.

Regular Travel To The Lower Mainland For League Games

What is a typical travel day?

Wave teams are scheduled for kick-off’s between noon and 4pm. The travel would include a ferry to the game and an immediate ferry home after the game. Depending on the time of the year, the ferry schedule will dictate when the teams arrive back on the Island. The league will not schedule games versus the Island before noon or starting after 4pm. 

Wave teams travel to the mainland for regular league games, and in 2022 the U-13 Intake group will also travel to play Nanaimo United. To play the interior team (Thompson Okanagan) for league, we travel to the lower mainland and meet halfway. Players are expected to arrive at the ferry terminal with the team as a walk-on passenger, and travel to games on the team buses that pick teams up on the Tsawwassen side with their coaches, and volunteer team manager.